Treatment Options

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy for OCD in Pittsburgh

This is your “typical” therapy format and the recommended option for most people struggling with OCD and Anxiety. When you receive individual therapy, you meet with one of our OCD specialists at one of our 3 locations and receive specialized treatment that targets your particular symptoms and circumstances. Appointments are typically 55 minutes long and the frequency of these appointments can vary depending on the severity of your symptoms. A typical starting frequency is 1-2 appointments per week, which is then reduced as symptoms improve. Your first appointment will be an intake, during which your assigned therapist will conduct a thorough assessment of your symptoms and, if individual therapy at The Center for OCD and Anxiety is the recommended next step, schedule regular appointments to help you begin to challenge your OCD and/or Anxiety.

Family Therapy

When a loved one is struggling with a mental health issue, it can impact everyone in the family. And those who are closest to the person who is struggling often don’t know how best to help them. In these cases, family therapy might be the recommended treatment. All this means is that one or more family members may join the “identified patient” during their treatment sessions. This could be anyone from a parent, spouse, and sibling to all of the above. The focus of appointments can range from family members receiving education around OCD and Anxiety to everyone actively working on goals to improve their relationships and increase their ability to support one another. In many cases, family therapy and individual therapy can both be utilized over the course of treatment to maximize progress.

Treatment Groups

This is a form of therapy administered in a group format. Participants still receive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) but do so together with peers who are struggling with related issues. We are currently gauging interest in new treatment groups, and are very much interested in hearing from you if you are looking for group therapy. You can let us know by completing our Request Services form and indicating that you would like group therapy. You can also indicate that you are looking for both individual therapy and group therapy, which can maximize treatment for some. Group therapy appointments can be billed to insurance or payed for out-of-pocket, just like individual and family therapy.

Support Groups

Our support groups are free-to-attend group meetings focused on providing support and decreasing isolation for individuals who are struggling with OCD and anxiety. For anyone interested in attending our support groups, we welcome you to come and attend. There is no intake appointment required, and no prior notice required. Below are our current available Support Groups.

Current Support Groups

We do not have any currently active support groups.