Carissa Atkinson, MSCP

Carissa Atkinson OCD Therapist Pittsburgh

I believe that effective therapy includes an appropriate balance of empathy, humor, active listening, and proper guidance rooted in evidence-based practices. While our work together will focus on treating OCD and related disorders, I intend to utilize a holistic approach necessary in treating the whole person. My primary goal is to help my clients realize happy, healthy, fulfilling lives by taking their freedom back from the binds of OCD. I enjoy working in a creative, collaborative environment while cultivating meaningful relationships with my clients, and my experience as an OCD therapist has been extremely rewarding, as progress is often consistent and evident. As they say – if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life! 

My clinical experience began in general private practice, and I later moved on to develop a more specialized treatment approach through an internship with COA during my final two semesters. Throughout my internship, I had the fortune of observing and collaborating on various cases with multiple senior clinicians, working to develop my own therapeutic style and hone my clinical skills as an OCD therapist. Most recently, working closely with Erin Harding-McNany – our Director of Education and Development and my clinical supervisor – I’ve had the pleasure of organizing and co-leading our initial treatment groups in which we provide psycho-education around developing a fundamental skillset based on Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help our group members learn to manage their OCD and anxiety symptoms. 

As a Master’s Level clinician still completing my post-Master’s licensure requirements, I do not yet bill insurance, but I am able to provide outpatient therapy services at a reduced out-of-pocket rate. I am often able to get clients into my schedule more quickly than our Senior Therapists who are accepting insurance. If you would like to consider therapy at a reduced rate of $80/session, please indicate this on your Request for Services form.