Ashley Montrenes, LCSW

Ashley Montrenes OCD therapist Pittsburgh

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and provide specialized treatment for OCD and related anxiety issues. I have a warm and compassionate nature that helps to support my clients through therapy. I understand the strength it can take just to make a therapy appointment and walk through the office door, and I carry an immense amount of respect for my clients and all the work that they do. I am honored to be a part of their journey.

I received my undergraduate degree from Carlow University and my graduate degree in Clinical Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh. As a grad student, I completed my internship at the Adult OCD Intensive Outpatient Program run by Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic. During my training, I was immediately drawn to the ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention) therapy model and inspired by the dedication of the patients as they engaged in treatment to combat their OCD symptoms.

Prior to joining The Center for OCD and Anxiety, I was a therapist at the Pediatric OCD Intensive Outpatient Program run by WPIC. It was at the OCD IOP where I really honed my skills in applying ERP to a wide array of OCD symptoms, and developed my ability to support children and families affected by OCD. I have also worked as a medical social worker at UPMC East, where I helped patients manage complex medical and mental health concerns. I developed skills in mental health assessment and crisis management, and also trained in the therapy approaches of DBT and Motivational Interviewing. As a medical social worker, I was awarded both the Above and Beyond award and the ACES award for my work with patients.