Amanda Meredith, LCSW

Co-Director, Therapist

Amanda Meredith OCD Therapist Pittsburgh

I am a therapist with a passion for providing effective treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which often includes family intervention using systemic and structural frameworks to reinforce changes outside of session across the family system.  I have received specialized training in the treatment of OCD, having attended both the General and Pediatric BTTI Trainings offered by the International OCD Foundation to further develop my skills in the implementation of Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) Treatment.  I have spent ten years working in the mental health field following my graduation from the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Social Work, directly using the models above as I worked in foster care/adoption, in-home family therapy programs (Family Based Mental Health Services), and then the WPIC Pediatric OCD Program, where I both continued to provide therapy to clients and families, but also assumed a managerial role and provided supervision to those interested in learned ERP and family therapy.  I am a member of the International OCD Foundation and the National Association of Social Workers.

As a therapist at the Center for OCD and Anxiety, I enjoy being able to increase access for quality OCD outpatient treatment in the Pittsburgh area. I also own a consulting practice (OCD PGH) to provide in-home service providers with the skills and abilities to diagnose and provide quality ERP treatment for those so impacted by their OCD that they cannot reach an outpatient provider, or who need the support of a clinician to transfer ERP skills to the home or community so that clients and families can get the right service and treatment at the right time.

In my free time, I enjoy being outside, whether that is running, camping or playing with my kids, husband and dogs in the backyard.