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Take it beyond the basics! Our consultation options are geared towards supporting mental health professionals in developing a working understanding of OCD and ERP, and getting guidance and support with the specific issues they are seeing in their practice. We offer both group and individual consultation options.

Group Consultation

Our virtual consultation groups, facilitated by Erin Harding-McNany, LCSW, take place on the first Friday of each month, from 12pm to 1pm EST. They are designed to provide a guided and collaborative experience for helping professionals effectively deliver Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy and navigate the unique and specific OCD presentations they are seeing in their caseload. Click the link below to review and purchase our available packages.

Individual Supervision / Consultation

We provide options for direct individual supervision and consultation. Sessions can be conducted by phone or over video using the Google Meet platform. Upon purchase, you will be contacted by one of our ERP specialists to work out a consultation schedule and plan that meets your needs. You can also save by purchasing one of our package deals. If you are purchasing these consultations in conjunction with online training, we recommend scheduling these sessions after completing the trainings.