Resources for BFRBs (That’s short for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors)

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For anyone struggling with a Body Focused Repetitive Behavior such as skin-picking or hair-pulling, you know how difficult and stubborn these habits can be to manage. When it comes to BFRB treatment, you can never have too many resources. Today we’re sharing some of the latest tools you have at your disposal…

1. First off, we have to mention the actual treatment resources that focus specifically on treatment for BFRBs. The TLC Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to treatment for these issues. Also keep in mind that most therapists who specialize in OCD and OC Spectrum Disorders are qualified to specifically treat BFRBs. When seeking out therapy, be on the lookout for the currently recommended approaches called HRT (Habit Reversal Training) and COMb (Comprehensive Model for Behavioral Treatment).

TLC Foundation for BFRBs

International OCD Foundation – Finding help in your area

2. Fidgets can actually be a huge help for keeping urges in check. Body focused behaviors are often preceded by a feelings of discomfort or tension that are relieved by performing the repetitive grooming behavior. Fidgets can provide an alternative target to in part satisfy the urge and eliminate the discomfort. Here are some links for products aimed specifically at providing a similar sensation to some of the common BFRBs. We’re also apparently in a golden age of fidgets. Just a quick search for fidgets on Google or Amazon will bring up hundreds of creative fidget options!

Spiky Sensory Rings

3. New to the market is a device for increasing awareness of automatic behaviors. One of the ways a habit can take hold is by becoming unconscious and covert. You might sit down at your desk to study and 30 minutes pass before you realize you’ve been pulling out hairs the entire time. This product that you wear on your wrist can help you to recognize your habit as soon as you start engaging in it.

Keen 2

4. Lastly, consider items to aid in blocking your habitual grooming. Gloves or bandaids on your fingertips can make it all but impossible to engage in the habit you want to reduce. And doing things such as covering bathroom mirrors and removing all hand mirrors from the house can help if mirrors are part of the ritual for you (You’ll still, of course, have to do something about that pesky phone camera. Having someone else in the home take possession of your phone at critical times could be key).

Moisturizing Gloves

Finger Cots