ERP Training Bundle (Group Rate)


If you would like CEUs, please select the number of certificates below (1 required per person per training). You will also need to email a roster of trainees who will need CEU certificates and what trainings they will need certificates for to Amanda Meredith at

From: $150.00
From: $50.00
From: $50.00
From: $50.00


Purchase multiple trainings at once with our Training Bundle at our group rate. You will receive access to a number of our pre-recorded trainings, selected from our ERP Essentials training and our Advanced Trainings.

When purchasing trainings at our group rate, you gain access to the trainings and pdfs to be shared with all staff at your practice, school, or organization. You will have a single login to share with the team. Reselling the course is prohibited.

If anyone on your team would like CEUs, please be sure to purchase the appropriate number of CEUs ($15 per certificate). You will need to purchase a certificate per trainee and per training module they would like CEUs for (i.e. 1 single person who wants CEUs for 2 training modules will need 2 CEU certificates. 2 people who want CEUs for 3 training modules will need 6 CEU certificates).

If you are purchasing CEUs, after ordering, please submit a roster of trainees for whom you have purchased CEUs and for what trainings they will be receiving CEUs. You can send this roster to Amanda Meredith at