Introducing Our Leadership Team

We’re kicking off the new year by promoting some of our phenomenal leaders at COA. We’re lucky to have this much talent in one place, and to be able to increase the support our therapists have at their disposal. We look forward to expanding our capacity to provide high quality, evidence-based treatment for OCD and Related Disorders.

Erin Harding LCSW, Director of Training and Development

Erin Harding Pittsburgh OCD Therapist
Erin has been in her role of supervising our intern program and coordinating the training of our new hires for some time. This year will see an expansion of her role to now supervising our team of Clinical Supervisors.

Samone Oliveros Williams LCSW, Clinical Supervisor, Monroeville

Samone Oliveros Williams OCD Therapist
As Clinical Supervisor, Samone will now be leading our clinical team at our Monroeville office location.

Lisa Glessner LCSW, Clinical Supervisor, Greensburg

Lisa Glessner Pittsburgh OCD Therapist
Lisa was promoted to Clinical Supervisor in 2021 when we expanded our Greensburg offices. She will continue to lead the clinical team at our Greensburg location.

Cassandra Besse LCSW, Clinical Supervisor, Telehealth

Cassandra Besse Pittsburgh OCD Therapist
Cassandra will now be heading up our team of telehealth providers, ensuring we can provide care to clients wherever they may be situated.

Ashley Montrenes LCSW, Clinical Supervisor, South Hills

Ashley Montrenes OCD therapist Pittsburgh
Ashley will be leading our ever-growing clinical team in the South Hills.