COVID-19 Update

OCD Therapists Pittsburgh

The latest update on our services during the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t much of an update. We still plan on utilizing teletherapy (aka video therapy) for the forseeable future. The good news is that this change has not had a negative impact on our psychotherapy services. In fact, the benefits we have seen might just outweigh the costs. We feel very lucky to be providers of a vital service that transfers so easily to the video format, and that we can offer such a safe environment for our clients, and ourselves. For those of you who may still be on the fence about starting teletherapy, here are some of the really great benefits you might want to keep in mind:

  • No travel time. And you’d be surprised how helpful removing that hour round-trip of travel opens up your scheduling options. You can attend a therapy appointment between classes or right before or right after that work meeting.
  • You can hop onto your session using a phone, laptop, or tablet from wherever you’d like. Find a nice spot on your back deck if you’d like.
  • Your therapist can guide you through exposures via video that you previously would have had to attempt on your own.
  • And if you so desire, you can introduce your therapist to the spaces where you live, which can really help your therapist give you the right advice for how to navigate those tricky OCD situations in the home.

As always, we will continue to do all we can to provide the best OCD treatment services possible. We look forward to serving you, our clients, through this difficult time and beyond.