About Us

Help for OCD and Anxiety

The Center for OCD and Anxiety was first opened to meet the need for specialized, evidence-based OCD treatment in the Pittsburgh region. The goal has been to create a place where those struggling with OCD and anxiety can feel confident that they are receiving the most effective, and highest quality, treatment available.

We are driven by the knowledge that OCD and OC Spectrum Disorders are treatable conditions. At the same time, there is a lack of awareness of these disorders, and they often go misdiagnosed and improperly treated. If you think you might be struggling with OCD symptoms, it is our goal to help you receive the proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment so that you can get back to living a more healthy, happy, and productive life.


Our Services

The primary service we provide is outpatient therapy. This is when you meet with one of our OCD specialists for hour-long therapy appointments, during which you will focus on developing skills for challenging your OCD and anxiety. The typical frequency of these appointments is once/week to start. However, in more severe cases, we may start with as many as two sessions a week. As symptoms improve, we reduce the frequency of appointments to support you in your independence. The treatment we provide is typically a short-term treatment, but length of treatment can vary depending on symptoms and response to treatment. You can use our Intake Request Form to request an initial appointment.

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You Are Welcome Here

The Center for OCD and Anxiety is committed to serving the entire community in all of its rich and complex diversity. OCD and Anxiety do not discriminate. And people from all races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and all other walks of life struggle with OCD and Anxiety. No matter what your background, please know that you will find a safe and welcoming place at The Center for OCD and Anxiety.


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You Will Be in Control

Much of the therapy we provide for anxiety requires you to gradually do the things that your anxiety has been telling you not to do. This can be a pretty scary prospect, which is why we make every effort to put you in control of this process. This not only helps you feel less overwhelmed, but it’s also an essential part of getting better. When YOU make the decision to do something that feels scary or uncomfortable, this is a completely different, and much more therapeutic, experience than when you do something because someone else is making you do it.


A Place of Non-Judgment

If you are struggling with an anxiety disorder like OCD, you might be a little uncomfortable with the thought of having a mental health issue. You may also feel a little embarrassed by some of the things your OCD is causing you to think about and to do. We understand how hard it can be to open up about these things and we make it our priority to create a comfortable and non-judgmental environment where you can feel safe to start the therapeutic process.


A Family Processocd waiting room

When a child is struggling with OCD or an OC Spectrum Disorder, it can impact the entire family in many ways. Family members can sometimes be “recruited” to participate in rituals (by providing reassurance or helping with cleaning, for example). There can also be strong emotions and tension in the family that have resulted from the collective struggle with the family member’s mental illness. When appropriate and desirable, we make every effort to incorporate family members into the therapeutic process. This can be in the form of joint family sessions, or separate sessions with family members. It has been our experience that, when it comes to OCD and other anxiety disorders, this can often dramatically increase the efficacy and efficiency of treatment.

If you have any other questions about treatment at The Center for OCD and Anxiety, feel free to contact us by phone at 412-256-8256, by email at intakes@pittsburghocdtreatment.com, or by using our intake request form.