Announcing The OCD Travel Guide

OCD Treatment Book

We are excited to announce the release of The OCD Travel Guide: Finding Your Way in a World Full of Risk, Discomfort, and Uncertainty.

And no, it’s not an actual travel guide. Even better, this is a guide for the journey that is your life as someone with OCD. Geared towards teens, adults, and parents of children with OCD, The OCD Travel Guide presents a fresh approach to managing OCD, with a focus on reducing the influence that OCD has been having over your life, and prioritizing your own internal compass in finding your direction. Rooted in evidence-based treatment approaches, and presented in an easy to follow format, The OCD Travel Guide is sure to help anyone struggling with OCD. Inside you’ll find:

OCD ERP Therapy Book

• Strategies for changing your relationship with the unwanted travel companion in your life, OCD.
• Exercises to help you differentiate between where OCD wants you to go and where you want to be going.
• An introduction to the START method for finding your direction in life and moving towards your goals.
• Advice to help you manage your brain during your travels.
• A thorough review of OCD and OCD treatment that will be useful to everyone, whether you’re new to OCD treatment or have been at it for years.
• A guide to conducting your own, self-guided exposure therapy to target your OCD fears.
• Guidance rooted in evidence-based, proven treatments.

The OCD Travel Guide is available now on Amazon. You can find listings using the links below:

The OCD Travel Guide (Kindle edition) 9.99

The OCD Travel Guide (paperback edition) 15.95